Ray Leathern

I wouldn’t be caught dead in that

<strong>Ray Leathern</strong> reviews three cars that are unbelievably embarrassing to be seen in, but are oh-so-good to drive.

Flying the Koup

Good looking and good value it most certainly is, but <b>Ray Leathern</b> is itching to find out if the Kia Koup is a sports car.

Hatching a plan

<b>Ray Leathern</b> takes a look at four new hatchbacks carving out a space on South Africa's chock-a-block roads.

Crash of the Triton

The new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4x4 is by all intents and purposes a Triton with seven seats and a fixed back end.

A space odyssey

To celebrate the retirement of the Honda S2000 we decided to let it do what it does best: stretch its legs on a stunning piece of road.

No more drab diesels

Ray Leathern samples the latest Mercedes-Benz eco-warriors.

More than a Quasimodo of a car

I'm very fond of the German inclination to be uber-rational and uber-literal at all times. Like when they invent new words for complex things.

Like a golf, only nimbler

Ray Leathern takes the new VW Polo for a spin and discovers that it's an 'alarmingly impressive' car.

Torque of the town

Sukasha Singh and Ray Leathern choose their top 10 cars of 2009 from cheap and cheerful to ultra flashy.

A four-wheel expletive

It's enthusiasm for driving, ironically, that works both as a blessing and a curse when reviewing cars.

The best Kia around

This year should be remembered as the year Kia became ambitious -- in the last 12 months they've introduced three new cars in major segments.

Highly competitive workhorse

Daihatsu's Gran Max is a full one-ton, workhorse of a commercial vehicle.

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