Ray Leathern

The new BMW 1-series: Still a Marmite car?

The BMW 1-series was always a "Marmite car"; you either loved it or hated it. But it still hit a high note with consumers. So what about the new one?

Polo GTI: Something like a phenomenon

<strong>Ray Leathern</strong> praises VW's new Polo GTI as a victory of benevolent democracy over old-fashioned dictatorship.

Ten years of Mini Cooper

<B>Ray Leathern</b> looks back on 10 years of the iconic Mini brand.

Built to blend

<strong>Ray Leathern</strong> believes the new Ford Fiesta deserves a little more scrutiny than is afforded most small cars.

Bright Spark

<strong>Ray Leathern</strong> spends a month testing a pseudo-holiday hire Chevy Spark.

Making amends

Subaru's efforts to move to a more premium customer failed. Introducing the Impreza WRX STI.

More regal than ever

When you climb up into the cabin of a Range Rover Vogue you immediately feel an air of invincibility wash over you.

Geely versus Volvo: Is this the end?

Chinese car-maker Geely has bought Volvo and <b>Ray Leathern</b> has been driving a C70 wondering if this is the beginning of the end for Volvo.

Lights, camera, action Audi A8

<strong>Ray Leathern</strong> has spent a few days finding out if the new A8 still cuts it as the movie star of the automobile industry.

Pick of the crop

Buying your first new car should be a carefully orchestrated exercise in balancing value for money with your thirst for personal independence.

A curious case of the Honda Accord Tourer

Not only does the Honda Accord Tourer feel big at speed, it feels even bigger when piloting it through car parks, writes <b>Ray Leathern</b>.

Cruel intentions

You don't need to be Mario Andretti behind the wheel to realise the S5 cabriolet is not a particularly sporty car, writes <b>Ray Leathern</b>.

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