Raymond Suttner

What we can expect from the ANC conference

South Africans want a democratic state, but South African democracy cannot be restored through deals behind closed doors.

ANALYSIS: Zuma and ANC run out of road as bad news piles up

"He could try to resign and hope that people will show some mercy."

New move against Gordhan suggests South Africa’s laws are under threat

In the short run the country will lose and stands the chance of going down the drain economically

Get to the root of our problems; make radical moves now

To act radically in the current South African situation requires a daring imagination in relation to manifold areas of hardship.

Protecting Jacob Zuma consumes the ANC

The ruling party depends on patronage and clientelism and can't talk to its constituency, writes Raymond Suttner.

The youth can take a leaf out of the book of a man...

In these times of widespread violence perpetrated by men, we may learn from Mandela's model of masculinity the type of man he represented.

The tripartite alliance has sold its soul

The prospects that the ANC, SACP and Cosatu alliance once offered the broad masses have been forgotten at the feeding trough, says Raymond Suttner.

Patriarchy polices heterosexuality

South Africans are rightly proud of having what is probably the most progressive Constitution in the world. But rights can never be taken for granted.

Violence: necessity or virtue?

The last resort in a desperate struggle for human rights has no place in a society committed to mutual respect

What happened to the white left?

A striking feature of the post-1994 period is the retreat from politics of many white people who were part of the active resistance to apartheid. Democratic South Africa has fallen short of their hopes, and there is a sense of not identifying wholeheartedly with the new order. Some believe that their contributions have been insufficiently recognised; they feel that whites have been ''marginalised''.

An unassuming veteran

Sheila Weinberg has died. She has been ''around'' the liberation struggle for decades.

A revolutionary love

Review: Walter and Albertina Sisulu: In Our Lifetime (David Philip)

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