Reg Rumney

Nguni project goes from strength to strength

A project in North West is reintroducing an indigenous breed of cattle to the rural farming areas.

Looking back to where it started

The founder of the M&G Investing in the Future Awards, reports on how they have kept pace with the changes in corporate social responsibility.

Shake-up for newspaper groups

Mvela group's offer to buy media firm has sparked fears of greater political interference, writes Reg Rumney.

The writing is on the wall

Media companies make headlines with their poor scores in BEE ownership, writes <b>Reg Rumney</b>

BBBEE code versus sector charters

Ownership targets still trump other aspects of transformation, which could remove the advantages for small business.

Transformation in an age of compliance

It was unfortunate that BEE was seen as a matter of compliance rather than as a strategic issue, and the compliance mindset needs to change.

Ironies in Bafokeng platinum mine

There's merit in Angloplat's role in blocking the sale to Impala.

The chink in the media’s armour

The government's resentment is not only about ownership but also about control, whatever that means.

Many numbers, little clarity in JSE debate

Defining black ownership is a complex business, as the JSE's contradictory figures have shown.

My stomach turns, cool head or not

Arcelor deals might be legal and even in line with 'old-fashioned' BEE practices, so why the fuss?

Low-key reaction to MTN BEE deal

The formerly disadvantaged will be able to pick up shares at an 80% discount.

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