Richard Balmforth

Ukraine to launch ‘full-scale’ offensive against pro-Russia rebels

Oleksander Turchinov says Ukraine authorities will launch an "anti-terrorist" operation with the army against pro-Russian separatists.

Ukraine’s Yanukovich wanted for ‘mass murder’

Ousted Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovich is being hunted by police for "mass murder" linked to the revolt against his rule.

Postcard from Chernobyl: Vision of apocalypse

Only a Hollywood doomsday movie can prepare a visitor for Prypyat, the ghost town at the epicentre of the world's worst nuclear disaster.

Robbe-Grillet, founder of French ‘new novel’, dies

Writer and filmmaker Alain Robbe-Grillet, an ''enfant terrible'' of France's literary establishment who helped found the New Novel school in the 1950s, died on February 18 aged 85. Robbe-Grillet became a cult figure among France's postwar intelligentsia with a genre of novel-writing that rejected conventions such as plot and characterisation.

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