Robin Emmott

OECD predicts tough times ahead for eurozone

The Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development has warned that the eurozone's debt crisis is not over and banks in the bloc remain weak.

Geithner tells EU to speak as one on eurozone crisis

Timothy Geithner told EU finance ministers to end talk about a eurozone break-up and work with the European Central Bank to fight the debt crisis.

Pressure eases off eurozone debt fears

Financial market pressure on the euro zone eased a little this week as Italy's borrowing costs fell and bank shares stabilised.

Mexico kills top drug lord at US border

Mexican marines killed drug baron Ezequiel "Tony Tormenta" Cardenas in a ferocious gunfight at the US border on Friday.

Mexican media cowed by drug violence

In January, gunmen kidnapped, tortured and shot dead Mexican reporter Valetin Valdes before dumping his body outside a motel.

EU ministers near deal on shake-up of bank policing

EU finance ministers were near a deal to set up new super-watchdogs to police banks following the economic crisis, the Swedish finance minister said.

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