Rory Carroll in Caracas

Latin America: The ball’s in Obama’s court

As the Chávez era draws to a close, the US has a chance to build potentially lucrative relationships.

Death pits Chávs against Cháv nots

Drawn from the ruling party or not, Hugo Chávez’s successor will have to face the fallout of socialist revolution.

Chávez: From a poor boy to a leftwing figurehead

Venezuela's leader Hugo Chávez has left a legacy of literacy and healthcare for the poor, alongside crumbling infrastructure and a dependence on oil.

An app a day keeps the doc away

If the latest gadgets are anything to go by, technology is becoming the key to wellness. Rory Carroll reports.

Deep Read: Fanning the flames of hatred

They say the West has been hoodwinked by Muslims and claim to have been vindicated by last week's attacks, but who are America's "counter jihadis"?

Filmmaker’s identity a mystery

The maker of the anti-Muhammad film that sparked mayhem in Egypt and protest in Libya has gone into hiding, leaving questions about his identity.

Comic-Con brings fantasy worlds to life

They come from every corner of America's galaxy -- moms and dads, skywalkers and hobbits, vampires and vigilantes, all on the same mission: escape.

UN condemns Syria for Houla massacre

The UN Security Council has unanimously condemned the use of heavy weapons in Syria's Houla after the deaths of more than 100 civilians.

No more cosy pub chats for hacks and cops

Elizabeth Filkin, the United Kingdom's former parliamentary commissioner for standards, has warned of the "fraught issue" of drinking with reporters.

Still on the back burner?

The government must clarify its adult education priorities, argues <b>Jackie Carroll</b>.

Survivor saved by a Scot and a bottle of Scotch

Hotel cashier Wismond Exantus dreamed, among other things, that he was in the middle of the ocean and riding a horse.

Breaking through glass ceilings

This month we celebrate today's revolutionaries. We recognise women who are making effective use of their power and authority in new and innovative ways. Whereas the revolutionaries of history were inevitably women in politics, today we see glass ceilings splintering across the country. We take a small sampling of those who are breaking through.

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