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Rowan Philp

Anti-MTN adverts get local gag

A major US lobby group's shock advertising campaign, alleging that MTN is "profiting from torture" in Iran, has been blocked by local agencies.

US elections: Republican laws block black voters

The Republican party has made it almost impossible for millions of black and Hispanic Americans to get the IDs they need to vote in November.

For trigger-happy Americans cash is king

American mass shooters in 40 states can legally buy a semiautomatic assault rifle or high-capacity magazine over the counter.

Elon Musk and his mission to Mars

Next week the billionaire SA expat Elon Musk will make space flight history by docking his own orbiter, Dragon, with the International Space Station.

Goldman’s SA nemesis in hiding

Greg Smith, whose insider resignation has wiped billions off Goldman Sachs's stock, now shuns publicity and is believed to be in hiding.

God’s bartender in good spirits

A South African-born TV evangelist has served up holy laughter, fire and brimstone during the Republican primaries in the United States.

In love with SA’s Constitution

Why does a US Supreme Court justice prefer South Africa's Constitution to her own?

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