Rowan Philp

The return of Jani Allan

After disappearing into obscurity for more than a decade, Jani Allan is back - and writing a book on South Africa. Oh, and she wants your help.

There’s gold at the end of the Brainbow

An ambitious project to map the human brain has vast medical potential – if it's possible.

Making the sex change from John to Carol

Carol Holly lives a Mrs Doubtfire life in Boston in the United States, but there is more to the South African engineer than meets the eye.

Hawking vs Turok: Betting on the origin of the universe

Ten years ago Stephen Hawking made a bet with the man in the office next door at Cambridge University: SA's Neil Turok, the son of ANC MP Ben Turok.

Starlight may reveal our solar cousins

Light spectrum from the atmospheres of two Earth-like planets could provide evidence of life, writes Rowan Philp.

Born in the RSA – and big in the USA

They make up but a handful of the immigrant population to the US, but an impressive number of South Africans have risen to the top of their fields.

Diary of ‘incest’ rips SA family apart

Last month, the California Court of Appeal has ordered that a pair of South African parents be barred from visiting their grandchildren.

Keeping stranger tides at bay

Echoes of 1960s counterculture live on, as Rowan Philp discovers during a mind-altering boating lesson in San Francisco.

Being Mandela: ‘Real housewives from exile’

South Africans will be reminded of how unique they really are when reality show "Being Mandela" - about members of SA's first family - airs in April.

US trial turns heat on MTN

A US computer salesperson who supplied ­sensitive equipment to MTN's mobile network in Iran has been jailed for violating US economic sanctions.

US trial turns heat on MTN

Sanctions buster sold 'security sensitive' equipment to MTN

World health weighs on Bill Gates

Bill Gates seems bent beneath a stronger gravity as he talks about the 'puzzle' that is South Africa's health system.

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