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Drogba arrives to warm welcome in Shanghai

More than 300 fans gathered in Shanghai to welcome Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba on his much-anticipated arrival on Saturday.

Anger mounts as families mourn China train crash victims

Angry families of people killed in last weekend's train crash in eastern China gathered to mourn on Friday, directing ire at the Railways Ministry for

Search for survivors after China train crash kills 35

Rescue workers on Sunday dug through the tangled wreckage after a high-speed train smashed into a stalled train in eastern China.

Mystery North Korean visitor in China veiled by security

A secretive convoy from North Korea visited the Chinese city of Changchun on Saturday, in what may be Kim Jong-il's latest trip to shore up ties.

North Korea’s Kim seeking lifeline in China

Reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is reportedly in China seeking aid and protection from his only major ally.

China’s Hu flies in to quake site as toll tops 1 700

President Hu Jintao flew to China's remote and ruined Yushu county to speed relief distribution on Sunday, as Tibetan monks prayed over victims.

Incense burns as solemn China mourns quake dead

Mourners crowded ruins in south-west China on Tuesday to mark one year since an earthquake shattered the region.

China starts to thaw out as weather crisis recedes

The thunder of firecrackers ushered in the Year of the Rat on Thursday, but millions of Chinese spent a cold holiday as teams fought to restore power knocked out by the worst winter weather in a century.

Chinese pensioner breaks silence on sex slavery

Zhou Fenying is a living witness to the dark history that still poisons China's relations with Japan more than 60 years after World War II. When Zhou was 22, Japanese soldiers came to her village in eastern China, grabbed her and her sister-in-law and carted them off to a military brothel, she says.

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