Safura Abdool Karim

Covid-19 vaccine mandates: A constitutional balancing act

South Africa’s laws allow the government to implement mandatory Covid vaccinations but, if it chooses this path, it must do so responsibly

Bail could be the key to reducing severe prison overcrowding

More than a quarter of prisoners have not been convicted of anything, they just couldn’t meet bail requirements

Pepsi’s Pioneer acquisition is not healthy

The move may provide a short-term economic boost, but it also has long-term health costs

ANC KZN conference invalid: What happens next is up to the party

On Tuesday the High Court in Pietermaritzburg handed down a judgment declaring that the provincial conference in November 2015 was unlawful.

Explainer: Breaking down the implications of the #StateCaptureReport

Given the resource and time constraints placed on the Public Protector, some issues were earmarked for investigation at a later date.

[Archives] Why the Hawks don’t have a case against Pravin Gordhan

It's difficult to follow exactly what Gordhan is being accused of, or if he is even being accused of anything.

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