Sajjad Tarakzai

Rescue resumes after deadly Pakistan avalanche

The Pakistani military will continue rescue efforts to find survivors after an avalanche engulfed an army camp in the mountains of Kashmir.

Pakistan hits back over Bin Laden furore

Pakistan's president said on Tuesday accusations that his nation extends a safe haven to extremists were "baseless".

Pakistan battles economic pain of floods

Pakistan is courting IMF help to alleviate the threat of economic ruin as enormous floods wipe out farmland and industry.

UN rushes envoy to mounting Pakistan flood crisis

The UN rushed a top envoy to Pakistan on Thursday to address the urgent plight of 3,2-million people hit by the worst floods in generations.

Pakistan police book Musharraf, say officials

Pakistan police on Tuesday registered a criminal case against ex-military ruler Pervez Musharraf for his 2007 detention of top judges.

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