Sandra Laville

Thatcher escapes prosecution for failed Equatorial Guinea coup

Mark Thatcher may never be prosecuted in the UK for his role in the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea, say senior British law enforcement sources.

Police show two faces at G20 summit

The Met's commanders had insisted that they would not let the capital be brought to a standstill by demonstrations around the G20 summit.

Lying low in the UK

Two Rwandans named in a list of the 100 most wanted suspects for the 1994 genocide are living freely in Britain despite demands that they return home to stand trial. Charles Munyaneza (48) and Celestin Ugirashebuja (55), local mayors accused of organising the genocide in their provinces of southern Rwanda, are leading ordinary lives with their families in south-east England.

Who’s an icky polly then?

Britain recorded its first case of infection from the most virulent stain of the avian flu virus this week, as the disease continued its westward march through Europe. The death of a South American parrot at an exotic bird importing and retailing firm appears to have resulted from a failure of quarantine regulations.

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