Giles Tremlett

Man who almost ‘broke the net’

Did Sven Kamphuis lead mega cyber attacks on the West or is his reputation being inflated by his foes?

Catalan president Mas’s electoral win stalls statehood

Catalonia's latest election brings increased social polarity that could spread beyond politics, writes Giles Tremlett.

Desperate Spanish unable to cope

Age-old tensions have resurfaces as the country buckles under harsh austerity measures.

Spain slashes spending in bid to head off bailout

Spain has crept closer to a bailout as the government leaked plans to cut pension spending.

More pain in Spain as jobless increase

A rise in Spanish unemployment has added to the woes of PM Mariano Rajoy as he tried to fight off a bailout of the eurozone's fourth largest economy.

The pain of reining in Spain

Despite the bank bailout, investors believe that the country itself might still have to go begging, writes Giles Tremlett.

Bankia executives jump ship with millions in payouts

A former senior executive at Bankia is to receive a 14-million payoff in a move that will cause controversy beyond the country's borders.

Profligate regions turn to Madrid

Senior officials in Spain have believed that some areas will have no option but to turn to the central government for bailouts.

So how long will you live?

Far from presenting you with a fait accompli, the telomere test's value may lie in extending your life.

How wartime romance gave birth to the world’s best restaurant

As chef Ferran Adrià closes the doors of Spain's feted El Bulli for the last time, Giles Tremlett in Roses, Catalonia, traces its intriguing history.

From El Bulli to eBulli

The world's greatest chef is closing the Spanish restaurant that was his life's work in order to take what he has learned online

Case gives ‘childbirth’ new meaning

A 10-year-old mother has provoked outrage in Spain, but if she and her family appear happy, why should the rest of us worry?

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