Giles Tremlett
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/ 12 November 2007

Digging up a fascist past

They dug up yet another mass grave in Spain recently, this time near the village of Arandiga, 45 miles from Zaragoza. The bones of eight men, all trade unionists, lay where they had been hurriedly buried more than 70 years ago in the early days of the civil war. They had been shot at the same spot by supporters of General Francisco Franco.

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/ 11 October 2005

A scoop too far

It was a scoop of truly global proportions. Just a few weeks after al-Qaeda redefined the world news agenda for a generation of journalists by attacking New York and Washington on September 11 2001, television reporter Taysir Alouni interviewed the planet’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden.

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/ 19 November 2004

Márquez’s happy ending

”Sex is the consolation that you are left with when you do not attain love.” And old man finds that his memories are melancholy and the future has become full of terrible excitement, and realises that it is love, not old age, that will kill him. Giles Tremlett looks at Gabriel García Márquez’s new novel.

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/ 8 April 2004

Spain takes no chances

Armed police began patrolling Madrid’s underground rail and bus networks last week as the hunt continued for six members of the radical Islamist group behind the previous Saturday’s joint suicide bombing and the train bombings that killed 190 people last month. Police were on high alert as Islamists threatened an ”inferno” and ”rivers of blood”.