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Kanye West pockets $3m to perform for Kazakhstan president

Rapper Kanye West has been paid millions after performing at the wedding of controversial President Nursultan Nazarbayev's grandson, says reports.

Lil Wayne acknowledges hurt caused by Emmett Till lyrics

Lil Wayne has offered what might be taken for an apology for lyrics about a civil rights hero who was murdered for flirting with a white woman.

Russia’s local food evangelist

Food distributor Boris Akimov is on a mission to get Russians eating organic, local food, not pizza and burgers.

Lil Wayne hospitalised after seizures

The rapper's reps have played down concerns, despite reports of another serious seizure.

From New Russia to love

In St Petersburg, an underground arts movement is challenging the zeitgeist of greed, using kindness to turn old buildings into Utopias of creativity.

Lebanon gets holier-than-thou with Gaga

Lebanese officials have reportedly banned Lady Gaga's new album, deeming it "offensive to Christianity".

Flotilla raid sinks Pixies gig

The Pixies have cancelled their first performance in Israel, citing "events beyond our control".

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