Sharda Naidoo

South Africa braces for ‘eurogeddon’

Central banks are poised to lower rates and are calling for reduced exposure to the continent. Gill Marcus says the reserve bank is ready to act.

Carats to Carrots: De Beers no longer jewel in crown

Why did the Oppenheimers end their 94-year hold on the world's largest diamond miner to go farming in Africa?

Private sector please apply

National planning commission outlines proposals that will help the failing state to meet its long-term goals.

SA can pull mining out of the dumps

One of the most senior figures in the Chamber of Mines, Roger Baxter, talks about his departure for Canada.

Big five fight for food market share

The Shoprite Group continues to lead the pack but the other retailers are pulling out all the stops.

Dotting the lines: On track to tackle Transnet’s monopoly

Mining companies are co-funding a new southern African rail and port network that will challenge Transnet's monopoly.

Banks buckle under weight of new rules

Standard Bank's Sim Tshabalala explains how 150 non-banking laws and Basel III are strangling banking.

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