Sharon Van Wyk

Where industry meets academia

Sharon van Wyk looks at why Thrip, a research and development programme, ensures the growth of scientific development in the country.

Viticulture vultures

Sharon van Wyk reports on a passionate winemaker.

Hot topics on the agenda

Some of South Africa's most respected environmental experts and policymakers will speak at EnviroCon 2009, which will be opened on November 11.

Under a seal of quality

Responsible tourism is changing lives, writes Sharon van Wyk.

Book now for festive deals

Believe it or not, it's that time of year again: the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. So if you haven't sorted out where you are going or what to do over the festive season, now is the time to get the wheels in motion to avoid disappointment.

Science takes the spotlight

South Africa hosts an international exhibition to showcase the practical application of science and technology, writes Sharon van Wyk.

Top honours for immunologist

This year's prestigious Phillip Tobias Lecture Award has gone to one of SA's top molecular immunologists, Professor Malegapuru William Makgoba.

Teutonic technicalities

German innovation and technical excellence have long been lauded, but few have been privy to the latest developments in German research.

The real deal

Travellers the world over are discovering that decades of ignoring a country has its benefits. This is particularly true where Zambia is concerned. The raw material is beyond compare - vast tracts of wild, untamed Africa.

Animals appreciate life’s pleasures

Rats enjoy being tickled, sheep prefer people to smile and birds are mean music critics. If you have your doubts, just ask Dr Jonathan Balcombe.The Canadian-Brit is animal behaviour research scientist for the physicians committee for responsible medicine in Washington, DC and author of a book that has been taking the world of science by storm: <i>Pleasurable Kingdom</i>.

Protecting the continent’s painted wolf

Think African predator and the likely mental image is one of a huge male lion. It’s odd then to learn that, while the iconic big cat is certainly at the top of his food chain, he is far from the most successful hunter on the continent, let alone the planet. In fact, none of Africa’s felines, and none of the world’s carnivores period, can compare to the African wild dog, Lycaon pictus.

Changing the geek mindset

Minister of Science and Technology Mosibudi Mangena looks the studious type. And with a masters degree in applied mathematics he would be the first to admit that his passion for science, which started while he was still a schoolboy in Limpopo about 40 years ago, would render him a geek by today's standards.

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