Sharon Van Wyk

Tourism is key to the ‘Great’ North

Besides the Big Five, Limpopo's rich cultural history is also a drawcard for visitors

The little town that could

Eskom wants to run power lines through a tiny town that even apartheid couldn't reach.

Science in motion

South Africa's annual science festival kicks off in Grahamstown with a lecture from a homegrown heroine, writes Sharon van Wyk.

Maths, weird food and cars

Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin is one of the star attractions at this year's festival. Sharon van Wyk reports.

Wonderful winged things

A keynote lecture at SciFest Africa will be about flying dinosaurs, writes Sharon van Wyk.

Getting to the pointe

From biology to ballet shoes, the SciFest Talkshops offer a fascinating range of topics.

Lecture highlights

Here are some of the highlights of SciFest Africa 2010's lectures which are open to audiences of grade 10+ and cost R10 a person.

Tourism’s captains of tomorrow

South Africa's brightest and most promising tourism SMMEs are receiving the recognition they deserve, writes Sharon van Wyk.

You are what you eat …

Dr Niall Vine and his team are developing methods to mass produce the probiotics diet supplement that improves the perlemoen's immune system.

The root of food security

Professor Chrissie Rey heads a Thrip-funded research project aimed at putting cassava on the map as Africa's leading subsistence and commercial crop.

Putting the wattle to work

Although the tannin produced from wattle bark isn't perfect, there are ways to make it ecofriendly, writes Sharon van Wyk.

Absolutely Fabi-lous

The Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute is in war mode defending indigenous forests, writes Sharon van Wyk.

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