Sharon Van Wyk

Tourism: The missing flight plan

It seems that glaring and inconvenient truths are being glossed over in the industry, writes Sharon van Wyk.

What we can do to help

In concert, individual baby steps can translate into giant strides in reducing emissions.

Defusing the time bomb

We can't stop climate change so we must prepare for it.

Precious natural resource may soon run dry

A shocking projection highlights the urgent need for South Africans to start taking the looming water crisis seriously.

Get with the programme

Conserving water is not just the job of the country's government departments and provincial authorities.

Ah, but your land is dry

According to South Africa's Water Research Commission, by 2025 around 600-million people in sub-Saharan Africa will have insufficient water.

Slowly losing ground

It takes big money to get communities to buy into conservation efforts to save habitats.

War declared on rhino attacks

The government is taking measures to combat poaching but is it too little, too late?

Safaris with soul: Big game brings big benefits to local communities

Today's safari is significantly more than a jolly jaunt for the rich and fabulous wazungus (white people) of yesteryear.

The Cape of good folk

With the lion's share of FTTSA-certified products, the Western Cape is fast becoming the home of responsible tourism in South Africa.

More than just a holiday

The empowering ability of tourism has never been more evident than in six groundbreaking projects spearheaded by a unique joint venture.

Way of the hippo

When the major decision of the day is whether to fish, take a cruise up the river or have another beer, the lower Zambezi Valley feels like paradise.

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