Sheree Bega

South Africa won’t support proposed global plastic ban treaty, draft document reveals

Critics say the environment department’s argument that the treaty would be a duplication of existing agreements is flawed

There is shit in the Hennops River: ‘No way you can call this water’

E.Coli counts in tributaries feeding the Hennops River run into tens of millions, far above the permitted limit

Micro-hydropower lights up an Eastern Cape village

There is hidden potential for small hydropower plants in South Africa

Tackle climate change and biodiversity loss together, not separately, scientists say

Some climate adaptation and mitigation projects end up harming the natural environment and people, a new report warns

First-of-its-kind rangeland atlas pushes for protection

Rangelands are ‘nature’s gift to humanity’, but have been overlooked, neglected

State halts its R10bn long-term plan to fully treat acid mine water

The state is saddled with the burden of treating acid water and polluters are escaping the responsibility

Standard Bank ‘risks its reputation over East African oil pipeline

Standard Bank says it has insisted on good environmental assessments, resettlement plans and fair compensation

Intrusion of warmer Atlantic waters is causing ‘Atlantification’ of Arctic Ocean

Undeniable trend of declining ice in fragile polar region

Rare orchid lures unwitting beetles for sex to pollinate itself

In a world-first, orchid enthusiast discovers sexual trickery of near-extinct Disa forficaria

Joburg’s new climate plan described as ‘overly ambitious’

R10-billion in capital investment is needed for prioritised mitigation actions until 2050, as well as an annual operating budget of about R25-billion for the same period

Tiny invasive beetle threatens millions of trees in South Africa

Polyphagous shot hole borer looks set to become most damaging biological invasion in South Africa

West Rand: ‘These mine dumps are destroying us’

Mining areas on the West Rand are ecologically dead because of poor rehabilitation

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