Sheree Bega

Rare orchid lures unwitting beetles for sex to pollinate itself

In a world-first, orchid enthusiast discovers sexual trickery of near-extinct Disa forficaria

Joburg’s new climate plan described as ‘overly ambitious’

R10-billion in capital investment is needed for prioritised mitigation actions until 2050, as well as an annual operating budget of about R25-billion for the same period

Tiny invasive beetle threatens millions of trees in South Africa

Polyphagous shot hole borer looks set to become most damaging biological invasion in South Africa

West Rand: ‘These mine dumps are destroying us’

Mining areas on the West Rand are ecologically dead because of poor rehabilitation

Complaint brought against Karpowership enviro consultants for not doing study on underwater noise

Department of forestry, fisheries and the environment says there could be criminal charges

Musina-Makhado zone cut down to size but ‘it’s window-dressing’

Opponents claim the reduced metallurgical and energy cluster with a coal-fired power plant will still cause harm to the environment

Acid mine water a rising threat

About 360 tonnes of salts are dissolved in the Vaal River system every day

Penguins can’t get enough to eat

The causes include commercial fishing near their colonies and a scarcity of sardines and anchovies

‘We want to breathe fresh air’

The landmark Deadly Air Mpumalanga case has pitted two environmental justice groups against the state

Right to clean air ‘progressively realisable’ in polluted Mpumalanga Highveld, court hears

State argues dirty air can’t be ‘miraculously’ fixed overnight in final day of proceedings in landmark Deadly Air case

Landmark Deadly Air case: 10 000 deaths annually can be avoided

There is no legal mechanism in place to implement and enforce measures to prevent toxic air pollution in the Highveld

Amazon wants to pave ‘paradise to put up a parking lot’

Opponents hope that billionaire philanthropist Mackenzie Scott will ‘talk some sense’ into her former husband and Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos

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