Sheree Bega

Companies are grasping at straws

Companies are keen to ditch plastic straws, but replacing them with single-use alternatives is not the best option, environmentalists say

‘No choice but to ditch coal’

The shift away from the fossil fuel will take time but analysts say it is imperative that South Africa accelerates the process

Fight over controversial redevelopment of River Club heads to court

The R4.6-billion project, set to house Amazon’s new African headquarters, is on ‘sacred floodplain’, say applicants

Canada’s ReconAfrica oil and gas exploration in Namibia and Botswana worries World Heritage Committee

Spills and pollution would harm the Okavango Delta and the Tsodilo Hills world heritage sites

Reservations about ‘new deal’ for rhinos, lions, elephant, leopards

Draft policy promotes species playing their role in wilderness systems but one conservationist says leopards are being sold out

Sowing the seeds for black growth

A special annual week showcases the talents of black people who love – and work with – plants

Stellenbosch University gets its own climate studies school

The faculty is the first of its kind in the battle against climate change

Gauteng’s jacarandas are flowering earlier because of climate change

Such shifts are being observed globally, researchers say

Water sector to clean up its act

The Blue and Green Drop programmes are being relaunched to rebuild SA’s often poorly maintained and ‘looted’ water systems

Predators: Beauties or beasts?

How farmers perceive jackal and caracal — as ‘beautiful’ or ‘thieves’ — determines whether they will tolerate them on their livestock farms

Creecy taken to court over oil, gas plan

An environment group says its application is a ‘watershed’ case for stopping deep sea exploration

Big mission to save tiny frog

A pioneering project has released 800 captive-bred Pickersgill’s reed frogs back into the wild in KwaZulu-Natal

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