Sheree Bega

UK decision to ban trophy-hunting imports disregards South Africa’s conservation success, government says

Animal rights groups say trophy hunting is unsustainable in sub-Saharan Africa, but research finds a ban on imports could have negative socioeconomic consequences

Cycads are being ‘loved to death’ in South Africa

The plants are seen as a status symbol by wealthy local and international collectors, which drives the lucrative and well-organised illicit trade

Giraffes stick their survival necks out

New assessment puts their numbers in Africa at more than 117 000, up by 20% since 2015.

‘I want my life back and I will have justice’ – Sasol whistleblower

The department of forestry, fisheries and the environment has finalised its criminal investigation into the petrochemical company’s alleged industrial pollution of the Vaal River.

Environment department slammed for suspending regulations on trade in hazardous chemicals

South Africa has ‘no real gumption’ when it comes to making tough decisions to protect the environment, says UCT academic

Zoonotic viruses: Protect bats to protect people

Bats are potential carriers of zoonotic viruses and the destruction of their environment spells danger for humans.

Climate crisis: Rising heat imperils outdoor work

Workers in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the western Pacific will be most affected if temperatures continue to rise.

Oil and gas survey vessel the Amazon Warrior chugs out of South Africa

Shell terminates the contract for seismic testing vessel after a court ruling halts it from exploring the area off the Wild Coast

Meet South Africa’s Superhero scientists Cosmic Dawn, Bones and Nitro

The SuperScientists comic book project celebrates the country’s scientists to inspire children

The dummy’s guide to climate change for southern Africa

Though there is no going back and fixing what we have done, we can certainly all take responsibility for our corner of the world to ensure we have a fighting chance

Wild Coast communities blast Mantashe’s defence of Shell’s seismic survey

Groups opposed to multinational’s offshore search for oil and gas say that the energy minister shows his ignorance by blaming white environmentalists for wanting to ‘protect butterflies’

‘Rule of law’ closes in as Eskom’s applications to postpone compliance with air pollution standards are denied

Eskom warns that the decision, if implemented, will cause immediate power blackouts, as well as push electricity tariffs higher

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