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Spent fuel rods add to trouble at Japan nuke plant

Operator of Japan's tsunami-flooded nuclear power complex said on Wednesday surging radiation and elevated temperatures were worrisome signs.

North Korea to make major announcement on Monday

North Korea will make an ''important announcement'' on Monday amid speculation over the health of its leader Kim Jong Il, a Japanese newspaper reported.

Thai brides of the internet

After a series of doomed relationships with American women, Marc Sullivan came to Bangkok in a bid to meet Miss Right at last. Sullivan, an emergency nurse from Florida, is one of a growing number of foreign men seeking young and beautiful Thai brides via the internet.

Thai economy faces slowdown over coup

Thai stocks on Monday recovered for the first time since the coup against premier Thaksin Shinawatra, but analysts warned the bloodless takeover could dent economic growth already hit by months of political uncertainty. The Stock Exchange of Thailand composite index rose 1,41 points or 0,21% to close the morning session at 683,12 after falling to a two-month low on Friday.

Asian destinations cash in on ‘medical tourism’

Catch some sun, take in a few golden temples, and get a new hip. It's an unlikely but increasingly popular itinerary for foreign visitors who are flying into Thailand in ever greater numbers to get quality hospital care at bargain prices, part of a ''medical tourism'' boom that is turning into a multibillion-dollar industry in Asia.

Typhoon hits central Japan with heavy rain, winds

Powerful Typhoon Mawar hit central Japan early on Friday, bringing heavy rain and fierce winds that left at least one person dead, two people missing and four injured, officials said. Transportation was also disrupted by the storm, leaving tens of thousands stranded.

‘People no longer looked like human beings’

A day before the United States dropped the world's first nuclear weapon on Hiroshima, Akie Yoshikawa remembered the sky was full of American B-29 bombers and they were flying like ''swallows''. But she was not particularly concerned.

High-sea chase after Japan spots Chinese sub

Japan was on alert on Wednesday after a suspected Chinese nuclear submarine entered its territorial waters, setting off a chase on the high sea amid mounting disputes between the Asian powers. The incident comes amid a series of disputes between Japan and China, including friction over gas-exploration rights in the East China Sea.

Happy birthday, Hello Kitty

Japan's Hello Kitty, the moon-faced, mouthless white cat, celebrated her 30th birthday on Monday, evolving from a nameless feline on a cheap vinyl purse into the money-making global icon of cuteness. Tamaki Hirayoshi, a 37-year-old woman in Tokyo, has collected about 1 000 Hello Kitty products over three decades.

Japan mops up after deadly typhoon

Japan was searching for survivors on Thursday after the country's deadliest typhoon in more than a decade killed at least 61 people as it crushed houses, overturned trains and stranded passengers on flooded highways. Typhoon Tokage tore up the archipelago for a day before easing on Thursday morning.

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