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Bitter Namibian land dispute drags in senior politicians

A highly favourable lease signed by Namibia’s current vice-president, Nangolo Mbumba, is at the heart of an ownership battle.

Namibian fishing industry cries foul as quota handed to international interests

A deal between Namibia's state-owned fishing corporation and a foreign company contradicts a commitment to “Namibianise” the industry critics say.

Namibia’s defence spending shrouded in secrecy

Following sanctions US banking authorities forced the Namibian government to recall N$156-million it transferred to a Chinese state-owned arms dealer.

Namibia’s great athlete quits Olympic post amid scandal

National hero was named in an alleged corruption affair with IAAF.

The Namibian prison warder who built an empire on state contracts

Namibian “Tender King” Vaino Nghipondoka is at the centre of a row over the Namibian government’s failed N$4-billion oil deal with Angola.

Namibian President’s pals ‘sank oil deal’

An oil deal meant to benefit Namibians has allegedly been stalled by politically connected businessmen who want in on the action

Namibian airline allegedly covered up fraud by one of its top executives

Air Namibia allegedly buried possibly damning findings from a forensic probe into senior staffer

Namibian clerk in Panama Papers ‘fronting’ pickle

Receptionist Letitia Diergaardt has been outed as a millionaire with links to oil barons and shady arms dealers.

Namibia’s house prices spark land grab fears

Skyrocketing property prices have prompted demands for more affordable housing and threats of widespread land grabs.

Army’s untouchable business wing

Shadowy empire has billions in Namibian state contracts, but has never been publicly audited

Cronyism, unemployment and weak opposition: Namibia votes

Namibians will vote for a new president and parliament for the sixth time since the country's independence from apartheid South Africa in 1990.

Namibian elite’s kids rake it in

With state contracts galore, the youngsters are revelling in the sphere of influence they’re born into.

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