Sindi-Leigh McBride

Extractive histories and a waste-laden present: On Sammy Baloji’s Essay on Urban Planning

Congolese photographer Sammy Baloji’s Essay on Urban Planning interrogates the links between colonialism, extractive practices and environmental catastrophes in Urban Africa

Bibles, bombs and God as love

I am an African and an Anglican and I don’t buy into the idea that ­Christianity has ­colonised African ­spirituality

​Best of the jazz fest in Cape Town this weekend

Sindi-Leigh McBride recommends who to look out for at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

Low-key for the woke gang

Ericka Huggins, member of the Black Panther Party, advocated for needs-based activism in Cape Town

Of love, loss and watermelons …

When in Obs obnoxious hippies are a given — but sometimes you can meet the love of your life and lose them just as swiftly

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