Taking the fight to HIV

The UWC Biolabels Group, headed by Professor Mervin Meyer, is a Node of the DST/MinTek Nanotechnology Innovation Centre.

Nano in water

Under the leadership of Dr Leslie Petrik, the Environmental and NanoSciences group (ENS) in the Chemistry Department has a broad suite of nanoscience.

Supporting education

Professor Shaheed Hartley is the Director of the Science Learning Centre for Africa (SLCA) in the Faculty of Education.

Eyes on the sky

South Africa is currently bidding to host the 1.5 billion dollar radio telescope called the SKA (Square Kilometre Array).

Finding answers to land question

Institute looks for way to transform the face of SA natural resources.

R&D for meaningful community upliftment

The South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry has its roots firmly in the communities served by the University of the Western Cape.

Broadening the reach of humanities

Centre takes contemporary approach to often neglected fields.

Twenty years of justice celebrated

The Community Law Centre was borne out of the struggles of the 1980s and many of the original force behind its creation.

New world view

Professor Ogunniyi was the Head of Science and Mathematics Education Unit, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, prior to assuming the UNESCO Chair.

Women in research

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) is justifiably proud of the number of globally recognised women heading up research at the institution.

Press Releases

Coexisting with Covid-19: Saving lives and the economy in India

A staggered exit from the lockdown accompanied by stepped-up testing to cover every district is necessary for India right now

What Africa can learn from Cuba in combating the Covid-19 pandemic

Africa should abandon the neoliberal path to be able to deal with Covid-19 and other health system challenges likely to emerge in future

Road to recovery for the tourism sector: The South African perspective

The best-case scenario is that South Africa's tourism sector’s recovery will only begin in earnest towards the end of this year

Covid-19: Eased lockdown and rule of law Webinar

If you are arrested and fined in lockdown, you do get a criminal record if you pay the admission of guilt fine

Covid-19 and Frontline Workers

Who is caring for the healthcare workers? 'Working together is how we are going to get through this. It’s not just a marathon, it’s a relay'.

PPS webinar Part 2: Small business, big risk

The risks that businesses face and how they can be dealt with are something all business owners should be well acquainted with

Call for applications for the position of GCRO executive director

The Gauteng City-Region Observatory is seeking to appoint a high-calibre researcher and manager to be the executive director and to lead it

DriveRisk stays safe with high-tech thermal camera solution

Itec Evolve installed the screening device within a few days to help the driver behaviour company become compliant with health and safety regulations