Steven Friedman

How the misuse of science compounded South Africa’s Covid crisis

Repeated claims that the country was “following the science” really meant it was following a particular science followed by some Western scientists

The DA is becoming the poster child of the Right

An examination of the language the party uses shows that it is echoing right-wing voices the world over in its insistence that those who point out its racism are, in fact, the real racists

Is too much service delivery killing South Africa’s democracy?

Citizens want a meaningful say in how they are governed, not local government that foists on them what it has decided the people need.

Diagnoses of doom mask denial about real problems facing South Africa

There is a huge difference between holding a governing party to account and making it an excuse for failing to face deep-rooted problems. Fixating on the ANC has given the one-third an excuse not to face difficult realities

Blinded by the glow of the ‘First World’ gaze

The government’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan blatantly ignores the realities of life for the majority of South Africans. Sadly, this lack of insight and sense was to be expected

Palestine could be taking a South African direction

The signs are there that the Israeli state may have ‘won’ the most recent battle against Palestinians but could be losing the protracted war, especially in the court of public opinion

We should give political parties more money

If supporters do it for democracy — and not to gain favour — then it needn’t be secret

Material change to electoral system remains elusive

Expectations that the Constitutional Court’s recent ruling on independent candidates may give the majority of voters a stronger voice are premature and largely unwarranted

Government’s Covid-19 science mask is slipping

The government’s professed reliance on science to justify its response to the pandemic reveals both its overconfidence and its insecurities about getting citizens to cooperate

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