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Obama to lead calls for UN action on Syria

US President Barack Obama will lead Western demands for action on the Syrian civil war at the United Nations General Assembly.

Obama attacks Romney’s policies

President Barack Obama's camp has warned that Mitt Romney would turn America "Back to the Future" to crisis-causing economic policies.

Obama makes history in 140 characters

Barack Obama replied to a barrage of questions about the economy from Twitter users in the social media-savvy president's first "Twitter Town Hall".

Obama hails New Orleans five years post-Katrina

United States President Barack Obama, marking the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans on Sunday, praised the city's resilience.

Obama presents make-or-break plan for health reform

President Barack Obama on Monday unveiled his own plan to overhaul the US healthcare system by providing cover for 31-million uninsured people.

Slumdog, Ledger lead Oscar betting

<i>Slumdog Millionaire</i> is the strongest best picture favourite and late actor Heath Ledger is all but guaranteed to win a posthumous Oscar.

Is Transformers movie a car ad in disguise?

The Hollywood tradition of product placement will soar to a new level when the Steven Spielberg-produced action film Transformers is unleashed on United States cinema-goers this week. The new movie version of Transformers has become one of the most-talked-about films in years.

France hopes to lure tourists via Hollywood

Whether it is through the soaring grace of the Eiffel Tower or the breathtaking beauty of Provence, France is hoping to lure tourists by persuading Hollywood to shoot more films there. An unprecedented alliance of French film and local government officials descended on Los Angeles last week to attend the Locations Trade Show, an annual fair that puts potential film sites in the movie industry's shop window.

Hollywood prepares for sequel blitz

Hollywood is banking that good things really do come in threes as it prepares to unleash an unprecedented series of blockbuster sequels on the box office. Three of the most profitable franchises in history release their long-awaited third instalments next month: Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-Man and Shrek.

Floating museum displays Marilyn Monroe legacy

"To Marilyn, I hope this helps keep you on time. All my love, Joe." That is the inscription inside a compact topped with a little watch that was given to legendary actress Marilyn Monroe by her second husband, Joe DiMaggio -- one of hundreds of pieces of Marilyn memorabilia on show for the first time in the world aboard the floating museum <i>Queen Mary</i> in Long Beach, California.

US projectile hits comet head-on

A United States space projectile early on Monday collided head-on with a comet hurtling through the solar system as part of an experiment to study its core. ''That's awesome! That's awesome!'' shouted flight control officials after the impact was confirmed. ''We hit just exactly where we wanted to.''

US theme park dares visitors to face their worst fears

Thrills and spills are to be expected at United States theme parks, but the Cox family are seeking to push themselves to the absolute limit as they hang by their arms six metres off the ground in a stunt watched by hundreds of onlookers. In each show, park visitors can compete against each other in a progression of eye-popping stunts.

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