Tanya Pampalone

Zim envoy rants about US ‘house slave’

Zimbabwe's man in Washington took the opportunity this week to tell the US's top diplomat on African affairs exactly what he thought of him.

e.tv airs in Zim — but no news, thank you

There's a new channel on the telly in Harare -- all thanks to e.tv.

The new Nepad

Africa's development agency has tweaked its name. But is that enough to make it relevant again? <i>Tanya Pampalone</i> talks to Dr Ibrahim Mayaki.

Malema’s media spin cycle

It all started out with an SMS exchange last Saturday, the contents of which ended up appearing on the front page of the <i>City Press</i>.

Freedom fighters of the diaspora

Munjodzi Mutandiri is not the kind of guy who does his work with a puffed chest. He does not shout from a platform or pound his fist from a podium.

Masters of our own destruction

A "state of the media" discussion is an obvious and depressing topic. We all know the sad, sad story. Print is dead.

SABC International goes bust

SABC International has been scrapped by the public broadcaster, as the ambitious 24-hour international news channel was originally envisaged.

Maxed out! Welcome to the age of greed and speed

The M&G meanders through the bling-bling maze from New York to Newtown and tally up the cultural and economic cost of excess.

SADC Tribunal goes on trial

The SADC Tribunal is a promising institution of international justice for the entire region.

Prodigal son returns to Africa

Ghana is going crazy over President Barack Obama. The markets are overflowing with Obama T-shirts and mugs, belt buckles, watches and wooden bowls.

It’s Z-time

It was an easy win for the ANC. But what quickly emerged was that a shift had occurred in the South African political landscape.

The day that changed the world

US citizen Tanya Pampalone headed to the Hyatt hotel to watch, wait and finally weep as Barack Obama triumphed.

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