Tanya Pampalone

Peddling the American Dream

She came, she saw and she conquered, wooing us with hope, glamour, power and good ole' American values. But what was Michelle Obama selling?

Certain of my doubt

<b>Tanya Pampalone</b> has been agnostic for as long as she could claim a belief for herself. So what is she missing?

Confessions of a Walmart shopper

<b>Tanya Pampalone</b> was never going to walk into a Walmart store. Until she did. Then it was over.

Making a run for the border

Trying to make sense of the Zimbabwean documentation process, <b>Tanya Pampalone</b> headed for Musina. And that's where things really got complicated

Govt: Zim documentation a ‘phenomenal success’

The <em>M&G</em> spoke to Jacob Mamabolo, project manager of the Zimbabwean Documentation Project. Here's what we extracted from the conversation.

On being foreign

What's my country? Well, that's complicated. Welcome to the globalised future of unbelonging writes <b>Tanya Pampalone</b>

Pigspotter speaks

Pigspotter spoke to <i>M&G</i>'s <b>Tanya Pampalone</b>.

Saving PigSpotter’s bacon

How <b>Tanya Pampalone</b>'s not-yet-seven year old daughter figured out the charges against the now-famous Tweeter of speedtraps won't stick.

The site your mom warned you about

The <i>Daily Maverick</i> is taking on big media in a big way -- and its fans love it. But its future still rests on support from advertisers.

Catnip and the Constitution

The US ambassador, no stranger to a critical press, has joined the growing chorus of international concern over press freedom.

How it is in paradise

<b>Tanya Pampalone</b> visits the Indian Ocean utopia of the Seychelles and is enchanted by the island life of the rich and famous.

On Paris, pot and Ziggy Marley

How many guys have you read about that go out and beat their wives after they smoke a joint?

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