Tanya Pampalone

A high-seas education

Growing up in the global yachting community made for a great memoir.

In cruise mode: Living the high life on the high seas

Tanya Pampalone boarded the Crystal Serenity bubble for the Black Sea to find out how the other 5% live.

Tanya Pampalone: I’m a fan of Zapiro, but…

Zapiro's cartoons are revolutionary, writes the M&G's features editor, Tanya Pampalone. But defending his latest is proving to be difficult.

Is this the end of the bookshop, or just a new chapter?

Bookstores around the world have been shutting their doors in the face of what looks a lot like publishing Armageddon. What's a bibliophile to do?

Champagne wishes and corrupted dreams

The top dogs of anti-corruption came out in force to support a new initiative. But can they make us all believe?

In a Dainfern state of mind

Life in Johannesburg's premier luxury golf estate has reached surreal perfection. But whose reality is it anyway?

Singing for his SUVs — and Kabila

One of the DRC's most famous musicians talks about the elections and singing for President Joseph Kabila.

DRC: And now for the bad news…

Death threats, assassinations, brown envelopes and politically aligned media owners. Being a journalist was never easy in the Congo.

DRC ‘ballots’ doing rounds in Johannesburg

South Africa has emerged as a key part of the battleground for the November 28 elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

High hopes and low blows in DRC election battle

Opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi takes on President Joseph Kabila in the DRC's November elections, and already there's blood on the streets.

Lightening up the fest

The LitFest brought out the M&G's core readership to witness some intellectually heady discussions. But what it lacked was a serious injection of hip.

That’s Dr Oprah Winfrey to you

The queen of talk became the queen of tears as the University of the Free State handed over a PhD, dubbing her a South African -- and a Kovsie!

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