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Thalia Holmes

The finance minister details a plan to ‘rebuild the ancient ruins’

​It’s not often that Bible verses and Dickens are quoted in the same speech, especially when the speech is to outline the medium-term budget

Mboweni targets water crisis

The finance minister has vowed to tackle rampant corruption and municipal dysfunction

High fees erode your investments

New middlemen mean today’s investors are paying more fees than previous generations

SA watches as brokers fight it out

Global trends towards lower fees are filtering into the local market, meaning that it’s never been this cheap to buy into the JSE

Clampdowns in Africa carry a big cost

The tactics of the Tanzanian government are still a far cry from the old-school, die-hard tactics in some other countries

Online tax hurts the poor

Shutting down mobile and internet services is costing several African countries millions of dollars

How not to outlive your cash

Obeying the 4% rule is not always enough to ensure your savings last through retirement

Fees can reduce retirement savings

Small differences in fund management fees can be an investment killer in the long term

[LONG READ]: Why do parents abandon their babies?

Women who discard their newborns feel unsupported, often by the very professionals meant to counsel them.

The future of water: From your toilet to your tap and back again

The reality is many of us look at water like we do a takeaway container.

Toilet to tap and back again

The reality is many of us look at water like we do a takeaway container.

Vaccines in the time of cholera: Inside the new fight against an old foe

Why the world is just waking up to the power of immunisations to tackle this infectious disease and how we’re learning more with every rainy season.

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