Tom Brown

Haitians yearn for change after year in ‘hell’

As Haitians mark the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in 2010, hope has given way to a crushing sense of bitterness and despair.

Quake amputees embody resilience in broken Haiti

Sprinting on their crutches at breakneck speed, the young soccer players who lost legs in Haiti's earthquake last year project a symbol of hope.

Haiti quake: Tens of thousands feared dead

Traumatised Haitians slept out in parks and streets on Thursday, fearing aftershocks to the earthquake that flattened homes and buried people.

Colombian ‘coffins’ run cocaine beneath the waves

Packed with cocaine and grimly christened ''coffins'', sleek jungle-built submarines are steaming their way north from Colombia for the US market.

Art down but not out at Art Basel Miami Beach

Even Picassos seem to be less than recession-proof these days as the art world succumbs to the global economic downturn.

‘Underwater’ mortgages a growing threat to US

Long before she filed for bankruptcy, Ann Neukomm was ''underwater'' -- she owed more on her mortgage than her house was worth.

Cigarette makers face flood of lawsuits

United States tobacco companies have been hit with thousands of new lawsuits in Florida from smokers and their families seeking compensation before Friday's court-imposed deadline for filing individual claims in what is shaping up as a major challenge for the industry.

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