Trevor Ncube

Only a third way will fix Zimbabwe

April 18 marked 36 years of self-rule for Zimbabwe. Trevor Ncube argues that a new set of principled leaders is needed to save the country.

Response to the Sunday Times story

By Trevor Ncube, Executive Deputy Chairman of M&G Media Ltd

What lies in store for Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe goes?

There's no shortage of wannabe presidents but none stands out as a good choice for the country.

I fear for the future here in South Africa

The hatred is not only on the streets; it is in boardrooms and in the state - and it's planned.

M&G’s Trevor Ncube responds to accusations

Trevor Ncube, publisher of the Mail & Guardian, responds to reports published in the Star newspaper that his operations are in financial trouble.

We are our own liberators

Can Zimbabwe learn from the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions? Yes, argues <b>Trevor Ncube</b>, only if the people take matters into their own hand.

A press to mirror the end of the long night

For too long, news about and for Africans has come predominantly from outsiders, argue Trevor Ncube and Charlayne Hunter-Gault.

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