Tunicia Phillips

Locust swarms loom in the wake of wetter weather

Unreported locust swarms in unoccupied farms, game and environmental parks can grow, cover large distances and destroy entire crops

King Mswati’s son drags investigative journalist to South African court after damining exposés

Urgent interdict ‘not so urgent’ in Eswatini prince’s bid to gag investigative journalist and editor following reports of alleged royal plot to procure guns in South Africa for further clamp down on protesters

South African artist Lazarusman elated to be part of Grammy nominated album

Slam poet Lazarusman’s vocals feature on and inspired the title of Booka Shade album Dear Future Self.

International community seeks to better tap into groundwater in 2022

Efforts are ramping up to make invisible water resources more visible in policy as a solution to drought and climate change

Zondo commission asks for two-month extension on final report deadline

Commission says that although it worked hard to meet the 30 December deadline, more work is still needed and it has ample funds to continue until February

Reforestation boosts planet’s green lungs

A new study shows the past 20 years of forest regeneration and reforestation efforts globally have contributed to the restoration of carbon sinks

Eldorado Park garden brings hope and heals volunteers

Between the fields of illegally dumped waste and a contaminated Kliprivier stream passing through the area is a greening project

Airline association welcomes UK travel red list U-turn on Africa

The UK will remove South Africa and other African countries it recently placed on its travel red list at midnight on Wednesday

Catastrophic climate change will affect the poorest – Climate commission

As a result of its over reliance on coal fired power, the energy transition is set to be a monumental shift for provinces — Mpumalanga in particular — where the local economy is driven by the coal value chain

Lethal remedy: Concern over African trade in traditional Chinese medicine that contains threatened species

The Environmental Investigation Agency, an international NGO, says growing demand is a prescription for disaster for some endangered animals such as leopards, pangolins and rhinos

SANParks shifts to solar and spekboom

Solar-generated pumps are pumping larger volumes of water for wildlife than diesel used to, and spekboom is helping offset carbon emissions

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