Vukani Mde

Saving the ANC – a 7-step programme

What the party’s new leaders do now will decide the 2019 elections’ outcome

After 10 years at the helm of the ANC— We need to talk about Jacob Zuma

His legacy after his amoral 10 years at the helm of the ANC is of distrust among comrades and the destruction of integrity and democratic processes

Metsimaholo will be a measure of the ANC’s problems

It could be a wake-up call for a party distracted by power struggles over its next group of leaders

Municipality’s rot is in your face but there is  no clear-cut solution

The worst-performing municipalities were found in the Free State and North West which had huge liquidity shortfalls.

Bruising Metsimaholo by-election shows ANC is bleeding support

The Metsimaholo results indicate that the party’s support among the township dwellers in the municipality has collapsed.

Will the Metsimaholo by-elections bring relief to its beleaguered residents?

There is no guarantee that any are likely to be given an outright mandate to pursue their manifestos.

The SACP has the ANC over a barrel in Metsimaholo municipality

By taking on its alliance member, the SACP is ‘making history’ in the small Free State district

Don’t be fooled by Ramphosa’s ‘New Deal’ or NDZ’s ‘radical economic transformation’

The front-runners for the ANC’s presidency have flimsy platitudes and little else to offer

How the ANC electoral conference should work

One of the paradoxes of the post-apartheid ANC is that the party hasn't seen fit to embrace the principle of ‘one person, one vote' in its elections

South Africa is held hostage to the toxic politics of the ANC

What a shame it is that even younger ANC leaders like Gigaba seem unable to imagine a politics beyond Zuma and the stagnation he represents.

The self-fulfilling prophecy of Zuma and friends

The investigation into President Jacob Zuma and his pals the Guptas has now effectively been internationalised.

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