Waakhe Simon Wudu

South Sudan’s independent media under pressure

Eight years after independence, South Sudan still struggles to address media challenges. Independent journalists continue to fear for their freedom

Lily-eaters of starving South Sudan

Civil war has caused the famine and families who fled to the swamps can’t grow their own food.

S Sudan: Hundreds drown in ferry accident while fleeing violence

At least 200 South Sudanese civilians have died when a boat, packed with people escaping fighting between government forces and rebels, capsized.

South Sudan loyalists eye last town held by rebels

South Sudan's loyalist troops head for the last major rebel-held town as the UN urges President Salva Kiir to release detainees loyal to Riek Machar.

S Sudan government, rebels to begin peace talks

As a nearly three-week-old civil war affects South Sudan, government and rebel officials are expected to begin formal talks on a possible ceasefire.

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