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Webster Zambara

Development tops agenda at SADC summit

South Africa is now the stabilising factor among the ‘frontline states’ that opposed apartheid.

PAP goes the ‘people’s parly’ ideal

At 10, the toothless Pan African Parliament remains little more than a noble concept.

SADC handbook must reintroduce ‘free and fair’ to elections

The Southern African Development Community's guidelines lean towards election observation rather than election management, writes Webster Zambara.

Fifty years of chronic conflict

Sadly, the Africa Union's jubilee year witnessed a rise in terrorism and strife on the continent.

Four more SADC countries face election challenges

Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia will hold crucial polls this year, writes Webster Zambara.

and their 
Zim dilemma

Regional bodies’ policies need work after both uphold the elections in the divided country.

Lackadaisical approach to security makes Africa vulnerable

The establishment of the AU in 2002 renewed hope that it would be a more robust and effective continental organisation than its predecessor.

SADC’s peace plan faces challenges

The region has revamped its strategy for stability but 2013 will be the ultimate test of its muscle,, writes Webster Zambara.

Speculation over Zimbabwe’s invitation to UN

A highly anticipated visit by human rights commissioner, Navi Pillay, to Zimbabwe could have some welcome consequences, writes Webster Zambara.

Lack of commitment dooms Africa’s human rights court

The doctrine of "African solutions for African problems" will carry weight only when Africa begins to respect its own institutions.

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