Yinka Adegoke

Rupert Murdoch taps Chase Carey as next in line

Rupert Murdoch acknowledged for the first time publicly that his son James is not the preferred choice to succeed him as News Corp CEO.

Too early to write off Rupert Murdoch as CEO?

"No," Murdoch firmly told a British parliamentary hearing on Tuesday, when asked if he would resign over the phone-hacking scandal.

PR firm’s Google smear tactics described as ‘creepy’

Facebook has admitted it hired a public relations firm to highlight supposed flaws in Google's privacy practices.

Beatles ‘coming to Apple’s iTunes’

The Beatles on Apple's iTunes? Let it be. The Fab Four's music is expected, finally, to be available for sale at Apple's online music store.

Yahoo!’s Yang to step down as CEO

Yahoo! has said Jerry Yang will step down as chief executive as soon as the board finds a replacement.

Led Zeppelin, Doors members sue video site

Some of rock 'n' roll's biggest names have teamed up to sue the owner of a website that specialises in streaming rare concert recordings. Wolfgang's Vault offers thousands of recordings of rare audio and video music performances collected over 30 years by Bill Graham, a famous concert promoter who died in 1991.

Lies, damned lies and statistics

The recent ruling by the Federal Court of Canada -- that music fans who download music for personal use via peer-to-peer (P2P) services are not breaking its local copyright law -- highlights the risk the music business is taking in deciding to sue music file-sharers.

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