Zain Ebrahim

Madibeng municipality’s inaction ‘cost lives’

The implementation of a ministerial report from a year ago could have saved lives in Mothotlung by averting the fatal protests over water delivery.

Madibeng mayor resigns after Mothotlung mess

Madibeng mayor Poppy Magongoa and two members of her council have resigned, following a call from the ANC to implement disciplinary actions.

Fourth Mothotlung casualty ‘shot with his hands up’

Enock Seimela, killed during a water shortage protest in Mothotlung, was shot with his hands up after trying to help another victim, say his friends.

Mothotlung Three: Involuntary martyrs

The three young men who died in Mothotlung during protests for access to water have left a community in mourning.

Mothotlung: Council wary of appointing water technician

The Madibeng municipality seems reluctant to appoint a permanent water technicican, despite the area having pump problems since August.

Mothotlung water shortages shrouded in murk

Stunned Mothotlung residents suspect that dirty politics is to blame for the deaths of three people protesting against the township's lack of water.

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