Zakia Abdennebi

Liberals, Islamists clash over Morocco ‘gay wedding’

When rumours of a ''gay wedding'' spread through the town of Ksar el Kebir, the only evidence produced was a video on YouTube of a man dancing in women's clothes. Four people are now in prison accused of homosexual acts, Islamists are decrying a decline in morals and liberals are warning that the kingdom risks sleep-walking into extremism.

Moroccans say security fears hurting tourism

After three days sitting in a dusty clearing, Ibrahim is beginning to wonder if a European tourist will ever hire one of his camels for a tour of the rose-lined boulevards of Marrakesh. ''The number of visitors has dwindled to nothing in the past week,'' said the 21-year-old Moroccan, his lips pale and dry in the summer heat. ''I've been waiting for three days but not a single tourist has come for a ride.

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