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Thousands gather for funeral of Egypt’s pope

Thousands of mourners dressed in black gathered in Cairo on Tuesday for the funeral of Egypt's Orthodox Christian Pope Shenouda.

Egypt’s Brotherhood leads on eve of run-off vote

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has called on its rivals to accept the will of the people after a first-round vote set it on course to take the most seats.

Citizens declare war on abuses in Egypt vote

Egyptians desperate to stop cheats stitching up the country's first free election in decades are lining up by the thousand, cameras at the ready.

US seeks backing for action to end Libya bloodshed

The US sought to drum up international backing for ways to stem the bloodshed in Libya as forces loyal to Moammar Gadaffi waged fierce gun battles.

Tunisia revolt makes Islamist threat ring hollow

An absence of Islamist slogans from Tunisia's revolt punches a hole in the argument of autocrats that they are a bulwark against religious radicals.

Struggling Libyan reformer seeks Lockerbie boost

Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi's reformist son is trying to use the homecoming of the Lockerbie bomber to boost his waning prestige.

Europe’s Saharan power plan: Miracle or mirage?

A €400-billion plan to power Europe with Sahara sunlight is gaining momentum, even as critics see high risks in a large corporate project.

Africa power projects seen on track despite crisis

The global financial crisis is not threatening power investment projects seen as vital to Africa's development and major deals are still on track.

Manuel: SA markets a poor indicator for economy

Current market movements are not rational and the rand's value does not reflect inherent strength or weakness of the SA economy, Trevor Manuel says.

AfDB cuts Africa GDP forecast as crisis bites

Africa's economy will grow by less than previously expected as the financial crisis hits demand for commodities, the African Development Bank says.

Liberals, Islamists clash over Morocco ‘gay wedding’

When rumours of a ''gay wedding'' spread through the town of Ksar el Kebir, the only evidence produced was a video on YouTube of a man dancing in women's clothes. Four people are now in prison accused of homosexual acts, Islamists are decrying a decline in morals and liberals are warning that the kingdom risks sleep-walking into extremism.

Development threatens Morocco’s wild shoreline

Ecologists say a tragedy is unfolding in North Africa where construction firms are moving in on some of the last unspoilt stretches of Mediterranean coastline in the search for profits. With Spain trying to preserve what remains undeveloped on its built-up shoreline, Morocco has stepped forward as a willing host for large-scale tourism development.

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