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‘Migrant’ tells of treacherous trip out of Africa

In his Saharan robes the tanned Frenchman passed unnoticed in Nouadhibou, a chaotic Mauritanian fishing port with an iron ore terminal and a lucrative second line in drug and people smuggling. Those he befriended knew Dominique Christian Mollard as an undercover worker with a non-governmental organisation.

Rationing looms in Africa energy crisis

Sub-Saharan Africa must urgently impose power rationing on companies and populations to limit the effects of a worsening energy crisis, industry and government experts said. Decades of underinvestment in electricity networks and growing populations mean the poorest 20% in the region have no access to electricity.

War-torn Saharans reunited after 30-year wait

Divided for three decades by Africa's longest territorial dispute, a Sahrawi family comes together in a drab courtyard and the women break into ecstatic singing, their bright robes shimmering in the Saharan sunlight. Most are too young to remember the events of 1975 when Morocco annexed Western Sahara and the indigenous Sahrawis took up arms in a guerrilla war.

Three suspected bombers killed in Casablanca

Three suspected suicide bombers blew themselves up on Tuesday following a police raid on a house in a Casablanca slum in which a fourth man was shot dead, police sources said. Police have been looking for up to 12 suspected suicide bombers since March 11 when the alleged leader of a suicide squad detonated his explosives belt in a cybercafé to stop police arresting him.

Morocco slashes cannabis crop, UN says

Morocco's multibillion-dollar cannabis crop, the biggest in the world, has shrunk by almost half over three years due to a government eradication campaign and drought. But the next step -- convincing farmers in the poor northern Rif region to seek other livelihoods -- needs heavy support from the European Union.

Europe, Africans search for ways to stem migration

European and African ministers said on Monday that the waves of illegal migrants seeking a better life in Europe would never be stopped until Europe helps Africa fight poverty. The ministers, meeting in Rabat to reach a plan on migration, were from 50 nations -- grouping for the first time countries where migrants start out from, transit countries and the destinations.

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