Penny Mathumba to represent South Africa at Nobel Laureate meeting

The forum takes place from 26 June to 1 July on the Island of Lindau in Bavaria, Germany.

South African universities rule roost in Africa

The University of Cape Town and the University of Johannesburg are top universities on the continent in the latest international rankings

Edutaining colouring book celebrates African attire

Nigerian artist Uzoma Dunkwu has created a platform for children to celebrate, speak about and show the continent’s diverse cultures

OPINION | The key to a successful school is happy learners

Class sizes, academics, sports, cultural activities, facilities and matric results are important, but not as important to a child who feels welcome and nurtured and has friends.

(Un)remembering intergenerational youth struggles at Stellenbosch University

The institution cannot progress if it chooses to un-remember its culture of racism

How to pick good doctors: Why race, language and where people come from matter

Opposition groups and others often argue that matric marks alone should determine whether someone gets into medical school – not factors such as race that people can’t control. But research finds that when it comes to making a good doctor, grades aren’t everything

A case for educational justice in Africa

If generations of African youth are to prosper post-pandemic, a fundamental and vital shift in educational context and content is needed

All players need to work together to help girls cross the digital divide

The hard lockdown imposed two years ago showed how difficult it is for girls and young women in poorly resourced areas to learn online

Nal’ibali: We can all help children learn to read – and to love it

Teaching children the joy of reading is not only the responsibility of schools. There are many ways in which we can impart this precious gift to them

Lesufi comforts schools where three brothers died after drinking an energy drink

Gauteng MEC of education Panyaza Lesufi assured those affected by the deaths that they are not alone

Corporal punishment in rural schools is ‘big challenge’ for South African Council of Educators

The council received 169 corporal punishment complaints in 2020-21

‘Break vicious cycle that deters girls in science’

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, who served as the first female president of Mauritius from 2015- to 2018, has also had success in higher education, winning top awards in science

Mamokgethi Phakeng Q&A: No one told me maths was ‘hard’

South Africa’s first black female doctor of mathematics , Mamokgethi Phakeng, is now a top British UK university’s first ‘illustrious visiting professor’.

Wits awards jurist and activist Navi Pillay her 18th honorary degree

At the occasion, the internationally renowned human rights activist and judge tries to answer the question: ‘How did you get from there to here?’

Education needs the tools to innovate, invent and create

New skills and solutions are needed for businesses and individuals to thrive in the rapidly changing world of work

Youth trapped in revolving doors of job seeking

Young people get in and out of education and short-term job opportunities that lead nowhere

Too many disabled children still fall through schooling gaps

Inclusive strategies need to be implemented in South Africa so that people living with disabilities like autism can live meaningful, productive lives

Section27 takes council of educators to court over corporal punishment

Two learners were hit over the head by two teachers, but they continue to work