Education employees queue for Covid jabs, but some may have to wait a little longer

People who have had Covid-19 in the past 30 days or who have had a flu shot in the past 14 days will be vaccinated at a later date

Education sector prepares for mass vaccination drive to beat J&J jab expiry date

More than half a million basic education-sector workers are set to receive the vaccination in the next two weeks

Soweto teacher dismissed for the alleged repeated rape of a learner

The learner was 13 when the alleged rapes started, and they continued for two years until she asked to be moved to another school

School bullies: ‘Hurt people hurt people’

Schools cannot resolve a child’s abusive behaviour alone — parents and society teach them to bully

To succeed, learners need help in making the right subject choices

Every year an average of 300 000 learners leave school before reaching matric. Rather than waiting for young people to become disengaged, there are easy ways we can set them up for success

Learners moving to other provinces puts education departments under pressure

Gauteng and the Western Cape struggle to put children in class, but Limpopo and the Eastern Cape are closing schools as enrolment plummets

Parktown Boys’ principal to be reinstated after losing job over Enock Mpianzi’s death

Gauteng department of education says it is disappointed with the education bargaining counsel’s order to reinstate Malcolm Williams

Building bridges across the unequal education divide

Sharing resources can ensure no child will be left behind

Some stimulation of children is better than none at all

The women who run early childhood centres in informal settlements frequently go without salaries and let children attend free of charge

School dropout Rose Kashaka’s passion for education

Poverty forced her to drop out of school in Zimbabwe, but now she is helping children in her neighbourhood learn to read and write

SAHRC hearings: The lies and incompetence behind bullying and crimes in schools

Some principals do not have the skills to compile bullying reports; others fear being victimised. This has led to children battling the scourge alone

Students temporarily kicked out of dormitories in Turkey after Magashule’s foundation fails to pay rent

At least 40 student beneficiaries of the foundation were briefly rendered homeless after their rent was not paid for more than two years

Covid cases rise as some learners expected to return to school full time in July

The Northern Cape department of education has had to close more than 70 schools in the past three weeks because of high numbers of Covid infections

After Avethandwa: Basic education department to review excursions outside school hours

Avethandwa Nokhangela drowned at an Equal Education camp in the Eastern Cape, but the provincial department of education has distanced itself from the tragedy

Ngcukaitobi joins panel probing learner’s drowning at Equal Education camp

The independent panel will make recommendations on restorative justice for Avethandwa Nokhangela's family

Educators only fined up to R5 000 for corporal punishment, SAHRC hears

Commission questions gaps in the law regarding corporal punishment and sexual assault

Limpopo social development lambasted for not supporting Mbilwi school after suicide of Lufuno Mavhunga

The department appeared before the commission hearings on issues of bullying and corporal punishment in schools

Abusive teachers still slip through system, council for educators admits

The council told the Human Rights Commission that “systemic gaps” and weak controls mean teachers found guilty of offences could still be found in the system