/ 14 March 2023

Objects of Desire: Glamorous renaissance

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Harry Winston’s magnificent kaleidoscopic jewelry. Photo: Supplied

Gone are the days of uber casual dressing prompted by the pursuit of comfortable work-from-home garments. The return of glamorous dressing and interiors gives form to desire and substance to hope. Glamour offers an imaginary promise of a life devoid of mediocrity and lifts us out of the everyday, while making our desires seem attainable.

But glamour is not an exclusively beautiful feminine and luxurious aesthetic, but a quiet eloquence that persuades one through images, concepts and a certain status. Yet, frivolity is necessary for glamour, despite what some critics may think.

Trends at March’s fashion weeks show us that youth, beauty, athleticism, self-possession, wealth and leisure are the vehicles for glamour. There’s something about a well-dressed person and well-curated spaces that makes them stand out and you also get a sense that making an effort is linked to having good manners.

A Veneta vendetta 

While most fashion houses lean on nostalgia and Y2K-era aesthetics, Bottega Veneta is leading the way for cerebral chic fashionistas who crave craftsmanship. The Tosca bag is a beautifully woven two-handle bag that is quietly glamorous with zero logos, and the perfect size for the person who is always prepared. Available through Bottega Veneta. 

Best kept secret

Glamorous spaces can be ostentatious as a Versace mansion. The pieces from Gianni Versace’s world capture the over-the-top essence of shamelessly opulent living. Silk cushions, fluffy robes, with gold and marbled pieces tie an over-the-top space together. Available through Versace. 

Kaleidoscopic candour

In the kaleidoscopic world of glamorous jewellery, Harry Winston’s jewels take centre stage. Why not take this a step further with an 18k yellow gold and diamond-encrusted kaleidoscope? Baguette diamonds, 83 brilliant-cut diamonds, and two blue sapphires come together to form the inner and outer hypnotic world of this piece. Available through Harry Winston. 

Licence to frill

So many people are talking about Loro Piana, but how many of these people are actually wearing Loro Piana? When it comes to more understated glamour, it is not something you possess but something you perceive; not something you have but something you feel. It is a subjective response to a stimulus. Loro Piana’s top-of-the-game cashmere is crisp, poised and modern, which screams that “old money aesthetic” everyone on TikTok is chasing. Why not adorn your space with the comfort of cashmere? Available through Loro Piana.