/ 21 March 2023

Objects of Desire: African ateliers

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The Gradient Light from Philip Kramer brings the golden hour indoors.

Atelier might be the French name for fashion workshops throughout Europe, but the hands behind some of Africa’s greatest fashion studios call the continent home. Bead workers, seamstresses, tailors and designers all bring their divine design knowledge to spaces where beautiful pieces are made.

Golden hour

Why not bring the magical warmth of an African sunset indoors? Philip Kramer debuted his The Gradient Light, made from fluted glass, which recalls a sunset shining through a window, at last month’s Cape Town Furniture Week. Ditch the ubiquitous Instagram sunset lamps for a Gradient Light. Available through Philip Kramer

Ray of light

What is the most beautiful time of the day? Depending on your preference for mornings or evenings, the golden hour is the time to bask in the sun’s more gentle illumination. But one doesn’t have to wait until golden hour to dazzle with golden light, with the help of jewels from Graff. Yellow and white diamonds match the sun’s golden glory in the Graffabulous necklaces, earrings, bracelets and sunburst rings. Available through Graff.

The Graffabulous jewellery collection by Graff glows with mellow light.

African love

Inga Atelier, now Inga Africa, will be putting more emphasis on its fine leather goods made on the richest square mile in Africa — Sandton in Johannesburg. Why not give yourself some love with the Inga Africa Uthando bag? Its heart shape makes it just the right amount of camp, while its super-luxurious materials make it a cut above the rest. Available through Inga Africa.

Inga Africa’s fine leather collection is made in Sandton.

What’s love got to do with it? 

At Arise Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria, Johannesburg-based designer Luke Radloff of Uni Form sent a love letter to womanhood. The collection, titled “What’s love got to do with it?”, gives love to the feeling of femininity from feminine people and powerful women in our lives, with Radloff’s signature crisp silhouettes. Available through Uni Form.

Inga Africa’s fine leather collection is made in Sandton.