/ 12 May 2022

Nathaniel Julies’ mother frustrated that murder trial has to start over

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Nathaniel Julies’ mother feels it’s unfair to be subjected to the description of her son’s death for a second time in court. (Sharon Seretlo/Gallo Images via Getty Images)

The mother of slain Eldorado Park teenager Nathaniel Julies is frustrated that she has to  again hear details in court of how her son took his last breath. 

“It’s so unfair for us to relive the whole murder scene memory. I feel as if we are stuck, we have not moved forward. We are still mourning Nathaniel’s death,” Bridgette Harris told the Mail & Guardian on the sidelines of a pre-trial conference on Wednesday before new judge Cassim Moosa begins presiding over a new trial in the matter.

Harris said the family was confused about the need to restart the murder trial which will begin on 3 October at the Palm Ridge court in Ekurhuleni. This comes after the death of Ramarumo Monama who was the presiding judge before succumbing to a short illness in late February.

“Why can’t we just pick up from where the previous judge left off?” Harris wondered, adding, however, that she still believed justice would be served for her son.

“I hope and pray that this time we get the justice we as a family have been waiting for and that this will not drag on any longer than expected. As a family we are not coping with the delays, especially Nathniel’s two younger sisters who are struggling to keep their grades up,” she said,

Moosa postponed the pre-trial conference to 3 June because lawyers for Simon Scorpion Ndyalvane and Voster Ntsheingolo, who are on trial with Caylene Whiteboy, and submissions from state prosecutors as well as defence counsel for Whiteboy, were not available on Wednesday.

“All of you are on bail and your bail has been extended according to the same conditions as previously,” Moosa said.

The three faces charges of the murder of 16-year-old Julies, who lived with a mental disability. The teenager was allegedly shot by Whiteboy on 26 August 2020. The trio also face charges of defeating the ends of justice and unlawfully being in possession of  ammunition. 

In a site visit to the scene where Julies was shot, Harris took a look around and expressed her frustration at the rubble and litter.

“It breaks my heart that people overlook and disrespect my son’s death place. Every day we pass here and it still feels like yesterday,” she said.

On 29 June, Julies would have been turning 18. Harris said she looked forward to the day even though she would not be able to celebrate the birthday with him.

“This year my son would have finished school at Don Mattera. I remember he looked forward to this day because of the celebrations. He enjoyed balloons and bright party decorations. I know he would have been happy to see his last school day,” said Harris.